Variable Frequency Drives as Applied to Ventilation Systems

CIM Toronto 2009
Robert DaPrat,
Abstract The power required to operate a ventilation system can be 25% to 45% of the total energy requirements of the mine. In an effort to reduce energy consumption, initiatives are being introduced at Vale Inco to increase the efficiency of ventilation systems with the objectives of decreasing energy useage.
One energy conservation measure being introduced is the use of variable frequency drive (VFD) starters for fan motors. Advancement in technology is making VFD applications more of a standard in industry. The benefits include improved operating performance and system control, reduction in current peak demand, optimized power useage and ability to maintain near unity power factor.
This paper describes the application of VFDs for main and auxiliary mine fans; and associated energy savings.
Keywords: Energy, VFD, motor, fan, Power, starter, Ventilation
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