Unearthing Facts in the Oil Sands Debate

CIM Toronto 2009
Abstract The oil sands industry plays a crucial role in Canada’s current global economic position and will play an increasingly important role in our country’s future, to support a strong economy and provide the energy and products we use every day.

Canadians will be greatly affected if the oil sands cannot be effectively developed. Some environmental organizations are portraying Canada’s oil sands as energy the world can do without, using incomplete and inaccurate information. A complete and effective discussion about oil sands development must be based on fact, not fiction and hyperbole. This is particularly important in the case of oil sands mining projects, where the greatest misrepresentations about environmental impact are occurring.

The Oil Sands Developers Group is taking steps to improve the quality of the discussion around Canada’s oil sands by correcting misinformation and showing how the industry is working to address both environmental concerns and our need for energy.
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