Nickel and Climate Change

CIM Toronto 2009
Sophia Wong, Bruce McKean,
Abstract Nickel is used in a wide variety of applications from consumer goods to industrial uses. In many of these uses, nickel contributes to the environmental attributes of the product. The challenge, however, is measuring that contribution, comparing it to the environmental cost of production, and communicating the role of nickel to the customer in a way that is easy to understand.

The Nickel Institute, the industry association of the global primary nickel industry, has taken a multi-pronged approach to provide a range of perspectives to several key questions related to climate change: (1) How much does nickel contribute to global GHG emissions? (2) What are the trends in nickel production with respect to GHG emissions? And (3) What are some possible ways forward for the nickel industry to contribute to reducing global GHG emissions?

This paper will discuss the Nickel Institute’s approach to climate change as a global commodity industry association, and discusses where we stand with regard to these questions. It also identifies issues for the nickel industry moving forward – challenges that are likely to be common to other commodities.
Keywords: Climate change, Nickel
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