Lessons Learned from Wide Area Risk Assessment Studies of Mining and Smelting Sites

CIM Toronto 2009
Ruth Hull, Elliot Sigal, Glenn Ferguson, Lisa Marshall, Robert Willis,

In the past 10 years, several wide-area human health and ecological risk assessments of mining and smelting sites have been conducted across Canada and abroad. Experience at these sites has highlighted various aspects of risk assessment that can contribute to cost-effective remediation or risk management. The main areas are related to: 1) data quality (e.g., study protocols, study design, data analysis); 2) studies that contribute to understanding of bioavailability (e.g., soil/dust speciation, bioaccessibility); 3) dealing with individual properties within the context of a wide area assessment; and, 4) advances in ecological risk assessment approaches. The importance of these topics will be illustrated using examples from Canada and South America.

Keywords: Risk, human, Ecological, lessons, wide-area, Assessment, learned
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