Green Mining Initiative

CIM Toronto 2009
Tom Hynes, Louise Laverdure, Janice Zinck, Gilles Tremblay,
Abstract There are mounting concerns surrounding mineral resource development in relation to mining footprint including water quality, waste management, and mine rehabilitation. Proactive, innovative technological solutions to: advance sustainable mining while reducing operating costs and long term liability; meet increasingly stringent environmental standards and regulations; increase value-added; and protect workers are needed. Building on the success of multistakeholder initiatives such as MEND and NOAMI a new initiative on Green Mining is being developed. Expected benefits of the initiative include less material mined and hoisted to surface, minimization/utilization of wastes, better treatment and waste management technologies and enhanced knowledge of metal behaviour in air, water and soils will significantly improve environmental performance and public perception while decreasing liabilities. Green Mining Initiative will involve participation of the mining industry, federal government departments, provincial and territorial governments, regulators, academics and non-governmental organizations and is focused on four main research themes: footprint reduction, innovation in waste management, ecosystem risk management, mine closure and rehabilitation.
Keywords: ecosystem risk, Mine Closure, footprint reduction, Reclamation, Water treatment, Tailings management, Sustainable development, Waste management, green processing
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