Engaging the next generation of talent - Marketing strategies to attract youth

CIM Toronto 2009
Abstract The Social Web has been a sea change in the ways in which we live and work. The use of mainstream media to promote our companies’ brands has been giving way to people connecting and communicating with each other online. Consider that, among the general adult population, some 1 in 5 will now read a blog at least once a month and are probably a member of a social networking site. And, in considering a younger demographic, some 41% of youth – your future workforce – will visit a social networking site every day. What impact does this have on talent acquisition strategies at your firm?
This session will help you develop social media solutions and measure them against your business goals of attracting and recruiting future mining industry workers. We’ll examine:
• Who your ideal candidates are. Are they online? If so, where are they? How can you reach them?
• How social media can be used to communicate messages that underscore the value proposition of working for your firm.
• The risks of using social media and how to manage them.
• How to measure success when leveraging social media to complement and enhance your talent acquisition activities and initiatives.
The session will make use of various social media case examples to stimulate ideas that you can consider when planning your own programs.
Keywords: Communications, Human Resources, Youth, Social Marketing
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