Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for Mining and Exploration Companies

CIM Toronto 2009
Barbara J. Hendrickson,
Abstract This session will focus on how climate change can pose both a risk and an opportunity for mining and exploration companies and will outline what mining and exploration companies need to know to about this area.

Part One - Regulatory Overview - Climate Change Compliance Systems

Update on Canadian federal regulatory system, including BC, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.

Update on North American system including Western Climate Initiative and California

Update on Kyoto Protocol and EU ETS as well as other international systems such as Australia

Part Two - Managing Risk: Regulatory Risks, Project Impacts and Sustainable Development

Regulatory Risk / Requirements for the mining industry in Canada and internationally

Assessment and management of of climate change risks as they impact on mine planning and operation

Integration of climate change into sustainability paradigms for mining and exploration companies

Part Three - Opportunities in the Carbon Finance World

Offset - Projects: Who can participate in Offset Projects; outline of offset protocols of direct application to mining companies under the Canadian federal system, the Kyoto system and the WCI

Carbon finance and its role in mine development

Emissions Trading - strategies and and investment opportunities
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