Using High Performance 2D Radar for Mine Equipment Automation and Obstacle Detection

APCOM 2009
Karl Nienhaus, Martin Hahn, Christian Augustin,
Abstract Radar Technologies are successful implemented in the military industry since decades and recently
found their way in the mining industry as level gauge radars for bin applications. The latest generation of microwave radar sensors are capable to provide geometrical data of the surrounding area of mining machines, too. Radar sensors are an improvement to laser scanners as they are more robust and able to penetrate dust and mist. Radar sensors will be the key source for operator assistance systems. Indurad and RWTH Aachen University conducted a large series of tests at open pit mines and underground coal mines to determine the potential of the new two dimensional Dual Range Radar iDRR. Several applications were determined as highly feasible and are now completed respectively in the implementation stage. The authors are giving an insight in the experimental results, the implementation and an outlook of future applications for this technology.
Keywords: Automation, Safety, Process control, Positioning, Autonomous, LHD, Radar, Laser, Terrain Imaging, Anti Collision
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