Rope Shovel Collision Avoidance System

APCOM 2009
Abstract In this paper, the hardware foundations and data collection methods of a real time collision avoidance system for electric surface mining rope shovels are described. The primary goal of the system is to help a shovel operator avoid accidentally colliding the shovel’s dipper with either a nearby haul truck or the shovel’s tracks. To achieve this goal, the system requires complete and
precise knowledge of the shovel’s geometry and movement, as well as the location of any nearby haul trucks. This paper describes the subsystems created to acquire this necessary information.
This system is unique in that all of its components are mounted solely on the shovel and that it is designed to be easily retrofitted to a shovel without significant modifications.
Keywords: Safety, Surface mining, Stereo Camera, Robot Kinematics, rope shovel, Laser Scanner, Collision avoidance
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