Real-time Assisted Driving System in Open Pit Mining Operations using Google Earth

APCOM 2009
Antonio Nieto, Zongxue Li,
Abstract The ADS system was developed to reduce accidents related to haul trucks operating under low visibility conditions in surface mining and construction sites, which is based on the GPS, mesh-wireless networks, and the Google-Earth 3D graphic engine as the graphic interface and mine-mapping server. This system has the capability to pin-point and track vehicles in real time using a 3D interface, which is based on user-based AutoCAD mine maps using the Google-Earth graphics interface. All equipped vehicles are shown in a 3D mine map stored in a local server through a wireless network. When low visibility conditions are present, the system indicates available exit/escape routes for driver safety. The research results indicate that the ADS system potentially increases reliability and reduces uncertainty in open pit mining operations by customizing the local 3D digital mining map, constructing the truck 3D models, tracking vehicles in real time using a 3D interface and indicating available escape routes for driver safety.
Keywords: assisted driving system, Google Earth, 3D simulation, mining safety
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