Opportunity and Challenge - Shell and the Oil Sands

APCOM 2009
Abstract Global energy demand is growing. Current International Energy Agency scenarios predict a doubling in energy demand by 2030. Even combining aggressive assumptions for growth in alternative energy and for efficiency gains, fossil fuels will be required to bridge demand for energy and could make up around 60% of the global energy mix.

With insufficient supplies of so-called ‘easy oil’, there is a need to find and produce alternatives, including both renewable energy and unconventional resources, such as Canadian oil sands. Shell’s growing unconventionals business is part of its broad strategic portfolio that includes more energy and CO2 solutions - from capturing hard to get oil and gas to helping customers fuel more efficiently.

John Rhind, Chief Operating Officer for Shell's mineable oil sands operation will speak on Alberta’s oil sands, the second largest oil resource in the world. As a major oil sands developer, Shell is committed to responsible actions that manage the social and environmental aspects of our operations while providing economic benefits at the local, provincial and national level.

John Rhind will address the need for all resource organizations to invest in new technology as one lever to improve their operational performance, meet customer demand, and, reduce their environmental footprint.
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