On-Line Mine – A New Concept for Improving Mining Economy by On-line Mineral Analysis

APCOM 2009
Abstract The focus of the mining industry has always been on lower operation costs. This has resulted in larger mines and bigger mining equipment that move ever increasing tonnages of ore and waste rock with lower cost per ton mined. Cost focus and large scale mining often increases the waste rock dilution and ore losses. The largest profit improvement potential in mining today lies in improving the selectivity of mining. The On-Line Mine concept is based on real time mineral analysis in different steps during the mining cycle. New on-line X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) mineral analysis methods provide detailed information on elements and minerals from drill cores, drill cuttings and on the run of mine ore. The Scanmobile mobile geochemical laboratory provides instant and accurate analysis data and digital images on drill cores and drill cuttings samples. A new Softcore™ drill cuttings sampling analysis system will speed up sampling and geochemical analysis process. Automated blast hole drill cuttings sampling and analysis systems integrated in to drills provide instant and accurate block models based on ore grade and mineralogy on blast fields. Ignition for selective blasting and loading is designed by the block model data. Cross belt analyzers located after primary crushers do not only provide ore quality information to the concentrator, but they also provide immediate feedback for mine management and loader operators on the selective mining quality.
Keywords: LIF, mineral analyzer, Sampling, on line mine, XRF, cross belt analyzer, drill cuttings analysis, On-line mineral analysis, Geochemical analysis, Mine to mill
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