Novel Method of Assessing Energetic Customer Baselines and Energy Savings in Mining Processes

APCOM 2009
Abstract Similarly to notions of constant capital/expenses in business or magnetization power for electric motors an energetic base load (E0) is always necessary to set up a mining process. Denominated as “non-productive energy” or base load, (E0) is a constant component of the entire energy consumption of the process, while another component the “productive energy” (Ep) is variable, being function of the production/throughput (M). By using these new concepts, the author creates an energetic model proposing a new method of assessing changes in mining processes (throughput) that can reveal possible energy savings (DSM component) or energy losses. Proposed mathematical model of assessing (E0) and energy savings by using “Marginal Energy Usage Index” (MEUI) enables creation of historical benchmarks and direct on line energetic (efficiency) assessment of mining processes and/or equipments. The paper analyses the case of assessing possible energy savings that can be obtained by: - Improving efficiencies of various equipments (by retrofit) – reducing E0 - Improving the process control or other process changes – reducing Ep - Monitoring persistence of the adopted Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). For the new plant design, the proposed method enables prediction of Customer Baseline in various mine/process configurations. The method could become part of a “preventive action” in design process by offering a reliable tool of assessing additional financial effort (Incremental cost) when choosing various higher efficiency equipments and/or processes.
Keywords: Mining equipments, Efficiency, Energy savings, Customer baseline, Benchmarking, Mining process, Energy usage
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