Integrating People, Processes, and Technology in Mining Automation Implementation

APCOM 2009
Mark Baker, Malcolm Scoble,
Abstract This paper outlines a framework for ensuring the success of the implementation phase that follows research and development of new mining technologies and systems. It is based upon recent and past lessons learned that have demonstrated the critical challenges to effective technology transfer, which frequently receive inadequate attention within the culture of the mining business. The paper focuses on mining automation implementation challenges and then outlines a Roadmap which is proposed as an integrated framework to deal with the key aspects of people, process and technology. This framework is built upon: assembly of a Strategic Team to develop a Roadmap; fully understanding the business requirements of the technology initiative; defining Key Performance Indicators in a Balanced Score Card; performing a Stakeholder Analysis to identify the affected groups; and finally developing a master Project Plan to execute the Roadmap.
Keywords: change management, Process, Technology, mining automation, people
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