From Buttons to Bits - Achieving Level 3 Integration

APCOM 2009
Sergey Seroukhov,
Abstract Real-time mine management solutions have evolved over time from closed, proprietary solutions, to a "system of systems" that may include a wide variety of off-the-shelf components and technologies. Modular Mining Systems has embraced open standards for their NextGen products to bridge the technology gaps between these systems. However, the remaining logical gaps must be overcome, in order to achieve truly seamless integration between discrete systems. When dealing with volatile real-time management problems, the effectiveness of business process modeling and middle-ware can break down. Scientific principles of military command and control applied to mining domain help to achieve better alignment and reach the highest level of integration. The combination of open standards and off-the-shelf hardware and software with a deliberately structured command-and-control approach provides a clear evolutionary path from ad-hoc connected systems towards real-time management of a seamlessly integrated digital mine.
Keywords: fleet management, control flow, command and control, open standards, systems integration, mine automation, common operational picture, COTS, symbolic language, production analysis
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