Factors Affecting Overall Effectiveness of Teleoperated Loading and Haulage Equipment in Underground Metal Mines

APCOM 2009
Oualid Kotersi,
Abstract Application of teleoperated and automated mobile equipment in underground metal mines represents a promising avenue to overcome some of the challenges facing the industry. This paper addresses the issues of overall effectiveness of the autonomous loading and haulage equipment in comparison with conventional man-operated machines. It overviews and discusses the factors affecting availability, utilization and production rate. It puts an emphasis on some problems and risks not present in conventional man-operated systems, as well as their character and criticality. It stresses the need to analyze the factors affecting OEE of the autonomous equipment more in-depth than it has been done up to date and to take them into consideration at the stage of feasibility studies. The paper concludes with some recommendations and indicates the directions of the future research in this field.
Keywords: Teleoperation, Underground mining, Automation, Equipment, LHD, drill-rig, overall effectiveness, Truck
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