Control of Run of Mine Ore Qualty at SAIL Iron Ore Mines

APCOM 2009
Vinai Gupta,
Abstract Iron ore mines of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) have to comply with strict chemical composition norms laid down for iron ore lumps supplied to its steel plants. This requires a careful planning of the overall ore excavation operation. In general terms, the problem can be stated as: Given the chemical composition of ore for all excavation sites, excavation capacity of each shovel, distance of each excavation site from the crushing plant and the number of dumpers available for transport of the ore, find out the percentage of ore to be excavated from each excavation site such that the production rate is maximized and the chemical composition norm is satisfied to the best possible extent. This paper presents an approach to solve this problem using Branch and Bound method. The specification for r.o.m. quality has been modified by incorporating a new parameter, ‘Al2O3 / SiO2’ ratio, which has a significant effect on the performance of iron blast furnace.
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