Considerations Regarding the Development of an Economic-Mathematical Model for Optimizing the Technological Variants in the Coal Mine Faces

APCOM 2009
Sorin Iuliu Mangu, Nicolae Dobritoiu,
Abstract In the present paperwork is proposed an economical-mathematical model (fuzzy) that aims optimize the technological variants of the mechanized coal face. By fuzzification, the issues to solve become more flexible and allow the decision maker to acquire more variants for the functions objectively established. The description of technological solutions is carried out by a set of controllable variables of "category" type by which the type of the machinery is defined within the frame of the actual geological & mining conditions. In the paperwork are used concepts of "successions graph" and "matrix of compatibilities"; with their help a methodology to choose between different technological variants of coalfaces is proposed. It treats the problem of developing the functions that express the membership degree in vague concept. In the end it is presented an assessment procedure for the technological variants of mechanized coal face.
Keywords: fuzzy model, Optimization, technological variants, mechanized hewing
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