Computer Modelling of Polymer Liner Reinforcement in Underground Mines

APCOM 2009
Ernest Baafi, Ian Porter, Chris Lukey,
Abstract To realise the full productivity gains of one pass rockbolt installation in underground roadway development, it is necessary to automate the skin reinforcement process. One solution would be to automate steel mesh installation, an alternative would be to develop a strong and tough spray on polymeric liner as a replacement for the steel mesh. Using numerical models, this paper evaluates the ability of a polymer skin reinforcement system to stabilise the fractured rock between the rock bolt anchors. In particular, emphasis is given to an investigation of the polymer bonding properties that can provide superior reinforcing capabilities to the immediate roof strata. The study is designed to enable selection of a suitable product to optimise support performance in underground gateroad development.
Keywords: Spray on liner, Mine skin support, Automation of mine roadways, Strata stabilisation, Polymeric strata skin support
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