Automated Real-Time Elementary Analysis of Drill Dust using LIBS Technology

APCOM 2009
Karl Nienhaus, Thomas Bartnitzki, Marina Gaastra, Fiona Mavroudis,
Abstract The BGMR has developed a method for an online-analysis during drilling processes in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology in Aachen and various industrial partners. This allows for efficient utilization of deposits, maximum recovery of desired minerals and frequent and cost-efficient updates of deposit models. The used method, namely laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), was implemented into a compact demonstrator in order to analyze drill dust and loosened material within mining environments and directly on drill rigs. The consequently developed OFUR-analyzer (OFUR – online-analysis of mineral deposits) provides possibilities for exploration and visualization of deposit models in real-time and thus creates an opportunity for innovative applications, such as contactless, continuous quality control of minerals throughout the extraction process. A major challenge in the execution of this project was the necessity to develop a laser system that could withstand rough mining environments dominated by dust, shocks, vibration and therefore would be suited to operate under such conditions.
Keywords: Quality control, shearer loader, drilling machine, LIBS analysis, Automation
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