Automated Mine Scheduling: What is it and Will it Help Me?

APCOM 2009
Abstract This paper revolves around the philosophies, strategies, goals and pitfalls in automating a mine schedule. As a consultant who has set-up many automated models, the intention of this paper is to give an open, honest view of who could benefit from moving to an automated system, what you can expect from such a system, and what you should be aware of. Many companies feel that moving to an automatic mine planning solution is going to allow the planner to push a button and walk away, but the reality is that is hardly ever the case. Part of that awareness comes from understanding what is meant by “automated mine scheduling”, so this paper is meant to address that. By contrasting what is meant by “manual scheduling” and “automated scheduling” it is hoped that the audience can gain an appreciation of the entire process.
Keywords: Scheduling, Production, automated, Mine planning
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