A Simulation Model For Underground Roadway Development Processes

APCOM 2009
Ernest Baafi, Ian Porter, Geoff Gray, Osvaldo Rojas,
Abstract A simulation model RoadSIM using the ARENA modelling system has been developed to evaluate roadway development options for a given development panel configuration. The RoadSIM simulation system has provisions for variability/randomness in operations including cutting and loading at the face, tramming and discharge of coal to the boot end and availability of equipment. The modelling system provides a means for assessing the operational limitations of roadway development practices at a particular coalmine. It is a “what if” tool that allows a range of equipment, configurations and operating practices to be assessed in terms of achievable advance rates and equipment utilisation. Output from the system is in the form of a dynamic visualisation as well as summary reports and detailed logs of operations over time.
Keywords: Simulation, roadway development, underground coal
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