Applying Simulated Annealing to Practical Mining Phase Design

APCOM 2009
Meimei Zhang,
Abstract In the overall open pit mine planning process, mining phase design is a strategic driver in guiding and constructing the block extraction sequence and determining the annual net cash flow distribution. Mining phase design should obey some practical constraints, such as “minimum mining width” and “flat mining phase bottom”, to allow space for haul road development and truck and shovel access on each bench. However, these practical mining phase design requirements are not taken into account in all first-cut mining phase design methods and post-processing is always required to convert an impractical design to a practical one, resulting in a potentially significant loss of Net Present Value (NPV) relative to the first-cut impractical designs. In this paper, we present a method using a meta-heuristic algorithm – Simulated Annealing – to enforce those practical constraints in determining a mineable phase design whilst ensuring minimum NPV loss.
Keywords: Mining Phase Design, Minimum Mining Width, Open Pit Mine Planning, Simulated Annealing
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