An In-Shovel Camera-based Technology for Automatic Rock Size

APCOM 2009
Nima Ziraknejad, Shahram Tafazoli,
Abstract This article presents a novel technology for sensing the size of rocks after blasting in hard rock mines. Blast engineers require rock size statistics to carefully adjust the blasting parameters. The rock fragmentation requirements vary depending on the ore type and crusher specifications. The most popular statistical parameters in the industry are the so-called P numbers (e.g., P80 and P100). A machine vision based system is introduced here for automatic image
collection and fragmentation analysis of the material right inside the bucket or dipper of mining shovels. A heavy-duty camera provides the required imaging data to an embedded computer mounted inside the cab. A custom machine vision software continuously analyzes the captured bucket images and stores the suitable ones in local storage which are then fed to a Desktop software for automatic fragmentation analysis. This technology has been developed by Motion Metrics International and is commercially available as FragMetrics™.
Keywords: Rock size estimation, Rock fragmentation
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