Testing of a fill fence to determine performance under loading

CIM Edmonton 2008
Paul Hughes, Cristian Caceres, Ray Wilkins, Rimas Pakalnis,
Abstract The paper is a summary of ongoing research at the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining and Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mine on paste sill stability. This paper focuses on the performance on an instrument fill fence that was tested above the design load of the fence to understand the stress-strain response of the fence. The fill fence was a standard fill fence that is comprised of 10cm of shotcrete applied to a rebar skeleton spaced nominally 60cm apart. The fence was instrumented with rebar and concrete strain gauges as well as earth pressure cells. The fence was loaded with a hydraulic ram that was attached to the fence through a system that applied the load over a 1m by 1m area. During the test, the fence was loaded to preset values and instruments were read manually. It is hoped that based on these test results, in conjunction with previous research at UBC, an understanding of paste loading and fence performance can lead to improvements in fill rates and in turn mine productivity.
Keywords: Paste, Pull Testing, Fill Fence, Red Lake
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