Production Simulation Overview and Case Study: Coleman 170 Orebody

CIM Edmonton 2008
Pierre Labrecque, Scott Hopkins,
Abstract Simulation tools are by far the preferred tools for evaluating complex systems due to its ability to mimic reality and quickly evaluate many different what-if scenarios and find global solutions. A simulation model is capable of representing variable and dynamic disturbances that are typically encountered in day-to-day operations; this is where spreadsheet models or linear programs fall short because they cannot account for the dynamic behavior and relationships.

The simulation model used for this work was developed by Xstrata-Nickel (previously Falconbridge). GijimaAST and Xstrata have partnered to commercialize the simulation package. The simulation tool is very flexible and can be used to simulate different mining and development methods.

The scope of the modeling included development and production mining, geology, equipment fleets, equipment maintenance and random failures, manpower, shift schedules, and cycle activity times. A case overview of the 170 Orebody will be presented along with the challenges associated with data collection for the model inputs. Results and lessons learned will also be discussed.
Keywords: Simulation, Production, AutoMOD, Mining
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