POWERPLAY at Vale Inco

CIM Edmonton 2008
Abstract Energy SavingsOver the years, Inco now Vale Inco, has earned a very good reputation in implementing energy efficiency programs to reduce cost and consumption. An ongoing effort on energy continues to reduce costs, generate saving and pay dividends. There are strong justifications in applying learned energy efficiency techniques from past knowledge and experience to new growth projects or installations that may result in even greater future energy cost and consumption reductions. Vale Inco has announced growth, expansion and investments in new plants and throughout its global operations. This presentation will highlight the current Vale Inco “PowerPlay” program, and the newer efforts in the Ontario Operations in evaluating the new growth projects, plants installations and processes. Making energy efficiency efforts in evaluating new projects should continue to position Vale Inco as a very competitive world leader in nickel production.
Keywords: Energy savings, Vale Inco
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