Millennium deposit: the emergence of a new Saskatchewan uranium mine

CIM Edmonton 2008
Abstract The Millennium deposit, located in northern Saskatchewan between the McArthur River mine and the Key Lake mill, has considerable potential for becoming an operating mine. Located in the Athabasca Basin, Millennium is blessed with both the riches and the challenges that this basin offers. The potential for ground water inflows during shaft sinking, and the unconventional challenges associated with underground uranium mining, render the successful development of a new mine in this area especially rewarding. The preliminary design and engineering of the Millennium Project has tapped into the experience of other operations in the area, and has utilized new applications of geophysics technology to enhance the understanding of the local geological structure. This discussion will focus on the innovations, and the challenges specific to uranium mning, for a deposit that is poised to be one of the next mines to supplement Saskatchewan's uranium resources.
Keywords: Millennium, Mining, Athabasca, Uranium, Geophysics
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