Haulage Evaluation for an Underground Deposit

CIM Edmonton 2008
Abstract This paper presents an evaluation of underground-to-surface haulage options for a relatively large deposit. Specifically, it presents a recommended haulage option to provide the greatest value to the Project. Options considered included conventional truck, trolley-truck, conveying and shaft hoisting. The work was done to the level of a scoping study as input to an internal pre-feasibility study.

The base case for the option analysis in the study was a Long Hole Open Stoping option (LHOS) using conventional truck haulage. Two project scenarios were considered for the evaluation and included:

1. The current resource to ~700 m depth.
2. An expanded resource to ~825 m depth.

The haulage options evaluated included three trucking options, three conveyor options and two shaft options. The paper presents the results from evaluating these options within the two mining scenarios using a Discounted Project Cost (DPC) comparison. Recommendations are made for the options that will provide the greatest overall value to the project.
Keywords: Truck, conveyor, Haulage, Shaft, Mining, Underground
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