Developments in at-face/in-pit processing technologies

CIM Edmonton 2008
Abstract Surface mining operations typically require run-of-mine material to be sized for further processing. In-pit crushing facilities serve this need, as stationary, semi-mobile or fully mobile units. Although in particular fully mobile crushing facilities have been in use for over half of a century, other surface mining techniques have typically been implemented. However, with increasing operating costs in truck and shovel operations, and other economic considerations, mobile crushing plants are increasingly a viable option. The operational and economical parameters in relation to the optimal surface mining equipment selection will be reviewed. The role of the mobile crushing technology within the continuous vs. non-continuous surface mining operation and basis for mine planning are also discussed.
Current applications and respective case studies will be reviewed. Key performance indicators will be presented, such as maintenance, availability and productivity. These performance parameters can be viewed as a tool to aid in the equipment selection process. The future direction for further research and development in mobile crushing facilities will also be presented.
Keywords: mobile, semi-mobile, Crushing, Performance indicators, Surface mining, economic considerations
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