Data Visualization Technologies And Their Application To Mining And Mining

CIM Edmonton 2008
Abstract Data visualization not just data management has become a key strategic and competitive factor in a number of
industries and government operations. There are tremendous implications to the mining industry for adoption
of visualization strategies in planning, operations and management.
There are a number of unique needs and opportunities for data visualization specific to the mining industry,
many of which are being noted but not rapidly addressed.
There are also a number of visualization applications for the mining industry that have already been addressed
by user communities in oil/gas, GIS, finance and Command & Control. These applications are ready made for
adaptation and adoption.
Finally, there is a unique opportunity for data visualization in the mining industry. As companies commit to a
visualization strategy, they can begin with lessons learned in these other industries and thus leapfrog the
capabilities that have been implemented to date.
This presentation will provide an overview of data visualization solutions, how other industries lessons can
apply to mining and suggest some paths forward in technical, workflow and infrastructural terms.
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