Ventilation On Demand Projects - CVRD Inco

Abstract Title
Ventilation on Demand (VOD) Projects – CVRD Inco Ltd.

Cheryl Allen, Senior Ventilation Engineer
CVRD Inco Ltd., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


CVRD Inco is undertaking a Ventilation on Demand (VOD) Project in an effort to minimize costs, increase efficiency of the ventilation system and continue to mine at depth. The increasing energy costs associated with mining have become an issue that needs to be addressed for future sustainable production. The purpose of a VOD system is to optimize the supply of air underground to only locations where and when it is required.

Due to the complex nature and high risk associated with implementation of a mine wide dynamic VOD system, a systematic approach is necessary for successful development and implementation of the concepts. To minimize the risk and ensure a successful project, the operability of the physical components at various mine sites are being tested and a strategy for optimizing the architecture of the system is being developed. This presentation discusses the method of developing a VOD system at CVRD Inco.

Keywords: VOD, Ventilation, Energy
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