Thermal Imaging Vision Enhancement Systems

Abstract The use of thermal imaging camera systems to enhance mobile safety is not a new concept as it relates to their use in both transportation and heavy equipment operation. In the mining environment, the use of thermal imaging cameras that will detect the heat signature of both personnel and equipment allows for the realization of parallel goals; A higher level of safety for mining personnel and equipment through visible recognition of their existence regardless of lighting or environmental conditions such as fog or dust, and increased efficiency through the ability to operate equipment at an increased pace due to the heightened operator awareness. Thermal imaging camera systems will identify the heat signature of a person or object up to 2000 feet in front of an LHD, providing the operator sufficient time to take avoidance measures. One of the number one causes of fatal accidents in mines is the interaction between personnel and equipment. Thermal imaging vision enhancement camera systems will eliminate accidents caused by driver inability to detect people or objects in their path. At the same time productivity can be increased, due to faster trip turnarounds. Thermal Imaging Vision Enhancement Systems offer a win-win combination to mine operators.

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