Real-Time Ventilation-On-Demand

Alexandre Cervinka, Michel Masse,
Abstract Newtrax ( and Simsmart ( have joined forces to develop an integrated solution for mine HVAC energy management based on leading edge technologies proven in military and industrial environments. The solution was built around one key constraint: the shortage of skilled labor.

The solution enables optimal energy management of mine HVAC through automated:
1. Real-time tracking of all diesel equipment and personnel for on-demand ventilation
2. Real-time monitoring of air flow, air quality, and diesel equipment on/off status
3. Mine ventilation design performance analysis through dynamic modeling & simulation
4. Real-time solving of the mine ventilation network of air mass flow and heat balance
5. Real-time control of ventilation equipment for optimal HVAC at lowest cost

Features include:
· Simple, quick and low cost installation, extension and maintenance by non-technical personnel
· Robust, resilient and reliable with real-time monitoring of integrity
· Standalone or complementary extension to existing communication infrastructure, including leaky feeder

Benefits include:
· 20-45% reduction in HVAC energy costs
· Reduced specialist headcount for HVAC, telecom and electrical operations
· Improved safety through real-time tracking of miners
· Improved productivity through real-time tracking of equipment and personnel
· Carbon emission credits for reduced energy consumption
Keywords: Real-time tracking, Real-time solving, Real-time control, heat balance, Network of air mass flow, Green house gas reduction, Enhanced safety, Energy management, Ventilation on Demand, Real-time monitoring
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