Elliptical Shafts

Vern Evans,

Charles Graham – Managing Director, CAMIRO Mining Division.
Vern Evans – Manager Special Projects, Mining Technologies International

The organization of shaft sinking operations is of great importance to mine builders, for whom the length of the construction period is a critical factor when considering the feasibility of a project. The design of the shaft can have a large impact on the speed of a mine development program. One advantage of an elliptical shaft is that it is possible to utilize two hoists for mucking – thus speeding up the mucking cycle at depth. It is also much easier to install a solid brattice wall in an elliptical shaft thus much improving the ventilation to shaft bottom and to the subsequent lateral development program.

With the increasing depth of many Canadian mine properties, the merits of elliptical mine shafts should be debated
Keywords: Sinking, Operations, Shafts, Development
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