Demag Bucket Operation Life

Pierre Jacob,
Abstract The bucket expected life was approximately 2000 operated hours on each Demag. To rebuild the bucket, it cost between $ 70000.00 to $ 100,000.00. It is a major cost considering the number of operated hours.

The maintenance department looked to find out a way to increase the life of those components. First, we looked to locate where the wear is extreme into the bucket. To do so, the bucket is painted on strategic spots. After several operated hours, we check where the paint is removed on the bucket in order to identify the worst place.

It shows up that we replace parts on the bucket that are wear out only on a specific spot of the whole part. Those wear plates are replaced and fractioned into several parts. After this modification, the machine works many hours and we realize after 2000 operated hours, only few fractioned wear plates have to be replaced.

This first modification extends the bucket life from 2000 to 3000 operated hours approximately. We continue to progress with other modifications on wear plates. After few months, the result is quite interesting, bucket’s life is extended up to 4000 operated hours. We number wear plates on the bucket and check to establish a replacing sequence to extend farther the bucket life.

Those machines have periodic maintenances, every 300 operated hours. So we match up the interventions on the bucket with the periodic maintenances. It allows us to get a better idea of the evolution of the wear on the bucket. After a short period of time, we are able to set up a sequence of replacement of wear plates. So when mechanics proceed with the mechanical maintenance, a welding team work on the bucket to replace the selected wear plates.

The benefit of this match up, we reduce a lot the down times of those machines and get a better idea of the evolution of the wear on the bucket. The most important point, we switch from reactive maintenance to pro-active maintenance. With few adjustments on replacement wear plates sequence, we extend the bucket life up to 12500 operated hours with an estimate cost of $ 30,000.00 (plates and manpower).
Keywords: Damag Bucket, Mine Life Bucket
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