Deep Mine Vertical Conveyance

Abstract Vale Inco’s Garson Mine currently has a plan to mine an area that is over 1000 ft below shaft bottom. A scoping study has been completed investigating material handling options to mine the Garson Deep area. The study recommended that two options to be further studied in a pre-feasibility study which include: trucking at depth and the installation of a vertical conveyor. There are currently over 60,000 vertical conveyors in operation world-wide supporting both civil and mining applications. Garson Mine would face a unique challenge in that all of the components would have to be shipped and assembled 4000 ft below surface. There are various types of vertical conveyors on the market, however the pocket lift system is best suited for this application (i.e. a vertical lift of 1300 ft and the material type at Garson Mine). Although this is a new application for Vale Inco, the pocket lift system is a proven technology and capable of a maximum vertical lift of 1500 ft and conveying upwards of 2000 tons/hr. Vale Inco, in partnership with Metseo and the DRMC are involved in a research and development project investigating a vertical conveyance system that would be able to move material with a vertical lift of more than 3000 ft; this would be achieved using aramid ropes instead of conveyor-belt material.
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