Marianne Dupla,
Abstract This article presents the ballasted floc clarification, a very attractive solution for mining applications to treat raw water, process water or wastewater. Ballasted floc clarification is a patented physico-chemical process where a ballasting media (sand) is combined with coagulation-flocculation and inclined tube settling. This combination greatly enhances the settling velocity of flocs, which results in many benefits when compared to other clarification processes: smaller process footprint, greater stability when confronted to varying water conditions, and very quick stop-and-start capabilities.

Worldwide, more than two hundred ballasted floc clarifiers are in operation under the trade name ACTIFLO®. Process water treatment plants already using this technology range from very high capacities such as Calgary ( two projected plants of 600 000 m3/d each), as well as small capacities down to 500 m3/d. There are over than 45 installations in industrial and mining applications where package plants are very attractive with single unit capacity up to 30 000 m3/d.

We will present results of two Canadian mining treatment plants where ACTIFLO® is implemented. In a remote gold mine, ACTIFLO® was selected mainly for solids removal. In another tailing pound, ACTIFLO® was the successful technology selected for Arsenic removal. The ballasted floc clarification is a very attractive technology for any mining streams that required coagulation and sedimentation. ACTIFLO® is supported by John Meunier Inc., a member of the Veolia group, the worldwide leader company in water treatment.
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