Construction and Maintenance of u/g roadways

Marcel Georges Demers,
Abstract Author: Louis Gervais,

Co-author: Marcel Demers

Proper construction and maintenance of u/g roadways leads to higher equipment availability, increase in operator comfort and an increase in mine production as a result of higher tram speeds.

Paper will address constant gradeability of ramps (fill in of dips) to ensure constant grade to maximize fuel savings and efficiency of haulage. Water control is a key, cross fall, ditching, positive drainage, super elevation of curves to control erosion and mitigation of fines on ramps and levels.

Paper will evaluate the use and cost of roadbed materials such as manufactured development rock compared with imported material through ramps, boreholes or shafts. Gradation of roadways and hardness of rock dictating the size of aggregate required for greater load bearing capacity with zero roll out maintaining durable roadbeds.
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