An Integrated Approach to Improve Haul Truck Safety and Productivity

CIM Montreal 2007
Stewart A Worrall,
Abstract This paper presents a comprehensive safety for mine resources and personnel. It also introduced the fleet monitoring capabilities implemented with the standard proximity hardware. The safety system that consists of a truck alignments monitoring integrated with a proximity system. The haul truck alignment monitoring system provides early warning signals to the operator when the truck is about to lose control. It is considered that a truck is in this condition when it crosses the centre of the road or veers to the side of the road at speed in an uncontrolled manner. The system logs truck’s data and operator events for further processing to enable operator fatigue analysis and detection and fleet monitoring tasks.

The high integrity proximity system is implemented with two independent networks working at different frequencies and with sensors based on different physical principles. A communication protocol is implemented over the mesh-network to broadcast position, velocity and orientation of all resources in proximity. This information is provided to an inference engine to detect the most important threat and decides the operator reporting mode according to the available interfaces: sound / voice / graphics.

Finally the fleet monitoring capabilities of the system are presented. The information from each truck, trajectory, velocities and other events generated, are downloaded when the truck gets in proximity to a base station. This information is then used with non-linear probabilistic filters to estimate the position and uncertainties of the resources in the mine.
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