Towards 5.0 million ton pellets per annum

CIM Montreal 2007
Abstract Currently, the Corus Ijmuiden pellet plant produces circa 4.6 mln ton pellets per annum. Corus Ijmuiden is about to increase its pig iron production to 6.4 mln ton HM per annum. The burden of the blast furnaces consists of approximately 50% high basicity sinter and 50% acid pellets, both produced in-house. To accomodate the increased pig iron production, the capacity of the pellet plant needs to be increased to 5.0 mln ton per annum.
The productivity is increased by modifications to the plant layout, which are implemented during the 2006 cold maintenance stop. In addition, the composition of the ore blends is optimised to gain productivity. To ensure stable operation of the induration machine, advanced measurement and control system will be implemented.
Keywords: Productivity, pellet, Capacity, Control, Optimisation
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