CIM Montreal 2007
Abstract The pre-fabricated outdoor rooms are often utilised near the mines and construction sites for office purposes. The paper has presented modelling and simulation results of the integration of commercially available glass coated photovoltaic (PV) energy technology and solar ventilation technology into a pre-fabricated outdoor room. The outdoor room has been setup at Concordia University, Montréal for full scale testing of the glass coated PV modules with air ventilation. The computer simulation model has been developed for PV modules installed on a double wall wooden frame in an outdoor room based on its preliminary field testing. The testing apparatus was a wooden frame assembly of double wall with air ventilation: two adjacent glass coated PV modules, air column and plywood board filled with polystyrene. The measurement data collected from various sensors were: solar intensity, ambient air temperature, room air temperature, electric power, surface temperatures of PV modules and plywood board, air velocities and air temperatures in the air column. The enhancement in the air velocity of the air column has been achieved with an exhaust fan fixed in an outdoor room. The simulation model has performed the two dimensional energy analyses with applied one dimensional solution of steady state heat conduction equations. The simulation model has been based on conjugate heat exchange paths with network boundary conditions of convection, radiation heat exchange and solar ventilation heat transport. The model parameters have been based on measured values of ambient air temperature, room air temperature, air velocity at outlet of air column in double wall and available solar intensity. The model has predicted fairly well energy performance of glass coated PV modules with air ventilation installed on a wooden frame. The model has also been useful to accurately predict heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) requirements for the pre-fabricated outdoor rooms.
Keywords: pre-fabricated outdoor room, computer simulation model, solar ventilation, conjugate heat exchange, double wall, glass coated PV module
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