The Dirt on Mining Information

CIM Montreal 2007
Abstract One of the major issues facing the Mining Industry is the management of information… With all of the sources of data in our fleets and plants we need to ensure that data from these sources can be captured, stored, analyzed and presented to our people for decision support in both operations and maintenance.

Today there is more on-board computing capability in trucks and shovels than we had on our desktops 3 years ago. How do we harness the data that is streaming off this equipment and present it to our users in a simple format when every OEM has a different system On Board system (OBS) and technology?

What can we do to limit the 3 hours trips to a piece of equipment to download data? Where do we want technology to be in 3 years and how do we direct our OEM’s so that they are working together with us to provide us with the data we need? Integration achieves this and ensures that everyone has the same body of information and specific information tailored to their needs.

Collaboration and interoperability are critical in today Mines. Different divisions and groups must work in harmony to generate the returns that stakeholders expect.
Keywords: Decision Support, Interoperability
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