Selecting Effective Hydrogen Production and Delivery Options for Mining Applications

CIM Montreal 2007
Kimberly Curran, P. Eng.
Materials & Energy Domain Manager
Air Liquide Canada, Inc.

The path by which hydrogen supply is provided to any end use application will have a strong effect on the specific economics and price stability for that product supply and the flexibility with which it can be used. The objective of this paper is to present those variables which play a significant role in the selection of the hydrogen production technology, with a particular focus on several typical mining applications.

The variables examined include gas requirements in terms of flowrate and demand profile, overall volumetric consumption, level of interruption tolerable, gas pressure and quality needs. Also examined are the effects of geography in terms of primary energy supply available as well as existing hydrogen sources, developed or not. The role of these factors in the selection of an appropriate supply chain capable of supporting mining applications that use hydrogen as an energy carrier will be illustrated with typical mining application scenarios drawn upon in the form of case studies.
Keywords: Case studies, Hydrogen supply economics, Hydrogen supply parameters, Hydrogen supply
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