Obtaining sustained use of geotechnical data for improved mine planning and design through multi-parametric modelling

CIM Montreal 2007
Abstract It is widely recognized that geotechnical conditions are of vital importance when planning and operating mines. Traditionally there have not been commercially available systems for systematically integrating geotechnical data into the mine planning and design process in a timely, auditable and regular fashion.

Sirovision is a new technology that combines the power of digital photography with advanced mathematics to rapidly produce accurate 3D structural models of mine features using affordable digital cameras. Sirovision has been designed to support rapid mapping of mine features with a minimum of expertise in Photogrammetry. Using Sirovision, it is possible to build accurate three-dimensional models from sections as small as 2 square meters up to 40,000 square meters in minutes. Using this system you can also create multiple 3D images in order to build an extended panoramic image.

Datamine is integrating Sirovison within its solution footprint and specifically its multi-parametric modelling capability to enable geotechnical data to be systematically collected and combined with geological models that are used in mine planning and design. The main outcomes of this include the ability for blast designs to be more dynamic, resulting in improved fragmentation for loading, hauling and processing. Additionally in open pits, slopes can be designed, controlled and managed more efficiently with respect to local geotechnical conditions.
Keywords: Mine geology, Datamine
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