CIM Montreal 2007
Gaetan Desrivières, Doug Eastick, Fred Delabbio, Kimberley Curran,
M.C. Bétournay, G. Desrivières, D. Eastick, F. Delabbio, K. Curran

Several critical components of hydrogen infrastructure and technology must be tried out before the mining industry is satisfied that the requirements for introduction of hydrogen fuel cell technology are fulfilled.

In particular, it is critical that the storage and delivery of hydrogen for routine use in mines be fully vetted and tested to meet basic operational requirements:

? All facets of hydrogen use and related risks be defined and hazards mitigated
? Availability and distribution of hydrogen be as dependable as mine vehicle energy sources (e.g. diesel)and stationary application energy sources (e.g. electrical link) within the context of mine extraction systems
? Technology operating requirements are simple and reliable
? Comprehensive and national mine regulations are in place

As an essential initial step for demonstrating this requirement and to effectively introduce this technology, mine hydrogen infrastructure must be validated in the context of an operating mine. This would establish system design and operation, safety features, risk control means and mine operational requirements. The system would be designed, operated, monitored and used for supporting hydrogen vehicle and stationary mine applications.

A demonstration project is planned at NRCan’s Experimental Mine to construct surface and underground mine infrastructure (storage and delivery system) and to carry out research to provide the norms and data for basic operational requirements.

This article will outline the selection basis for the planned infrastructure amongst possible storage and delivery options. It will also present the content of the four main phases of the project:

? The outline of a theoretical study which will provide required risk evaluation and mitigation, construction requirements and the definition of a standard system for subsequent projects where hydrogen would be used as a source of energy in mine operations

? The construction aspects of the infrastructure (site preparation, installation expertise requirements, engineering supervision and testing) and specifications of storage and delivery equipment, as well as hydrogen dispensing, risk mitigation and control systems

? The application of hydrogen dispensing and storage to vehicle and stationary units and initial mine operational testing

? On-site transfer of technology to mining companies, regulatory agencies and industry training programs

It will also provide details on the reports, recommendations and applications of reports to be issued from this project.
Keywords: Hydrogen delivery, Hydrogen risks, Hydrogen storage, Mine regulations, Hydrogen infrastructure research, Mine hydrogen infrastructure
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