Harnessing the Global Workforce - Best Practice from the Oil and Gas Sector

CIM Montreal 2007
Alyson Morley, Anne Kitchen,
Abstract The mining sector in Canada is facing significant challenges to develop a competent workforce, including increased technical and logistical operational demands, and the imperative to promote local content. There is an increasingly unpredictable labour pool which can be aging, or have skill shortages, or non-aligned skills. As globalisation continues, companies also require efficiencies during operation across various locations.

AMEC has met these challenges in the global oil and gas sector by developing our Capability Development and Competence Assurance (CDCA) program. CDCA is applicable across all process industries, including mining.

CDCA supports simultaneous consistency and flexibility by defining competence at task level, with corresponding best practice blended training programs, and evaluation criteria and processes. CDCA then defines role profiles mapped to local task definition. When combined with web-based technology, this granularity allows us to manage high volume workforces, while retaining individual learning plans and progression, aiding job satisfaction, and employee retention.
Keywords: competence, localisation, blended-training, Workforce, consistency, web-enabled, Sustainable, granularity, Global
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