Follow-up of production equipment availability and its contributing factors in selected Canadian underground mines

CIM Montreal 2007
Edith Lafontaine, Jacek Paraszczak, Dragan Komljenovic,
Abstract Modern underground mines operate fleets of mobile production equipment including drill jumbos, long-hole drills, load-haul-dump machines, trucks and bolters. Their availability has a substantial impact onto production cost and thus onto mine profitability. Through appropriate collection of pertinent data and information, use of adequate performance measures and their analyses, mine operators can identify the most promising and cost effective opportunities to get more from their equipment and to reduce the overall cost. This paper presents results of the study aimed to review and analyse means and measures used to quantify equipment availability and its contributing factors (reliability, maintainability and maintenance support) in several Canadian underground mines. It overviews current reporting procedures, sources, quality and quantity of the data and information collected as well as examines performance measures and their definitions used by the surveyed mines. Problems concerning data acquisition as well as meaningfulness and usefulness of the above mentioned metrics are also discussed. The paper concludes with some suggestions and recommendations concerning several aspects of equipment availability assessment. It is believed that the latter may become a more useful tool for mine operators in their efforts to reduce production cost than it seems to be the case at present.
Keywords: mobile mining equipment, Effectiveness, Availability, Assessment, data collection procedures, Maintainability, Performance indicators, Underground mines, Reliability
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