Rationale for Quantum Leap Innovations in Mine Fill

9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill
Jacques H Nantel,
Abstract Abstract:

Indications are that underground mining is gaining favour with large and small mining companies due to environmental and sustainability concerns.
Dramatic changes to mine fill technologies will be needed in order to keep pace with these emerging trends. The industry will be compelled to gravitate toward zero discharge mining operations. Innovative handling of mine tailings will become a focal point in this effort. The challenges are to use a greater portion of the residues and to manufacture a fill with better properties. This is a tall order that can only be addressed through a systematic research and implementation process involving mining companies, universities, research organizations, manufacturers and governments. The mining industry has to be at the forefront of this technology push in mine fills for the future mines. It will also be called upon to lead the way in other research areas. The industry will have to partner with other technology providers: universities, government laboratories, consultants.
Keywords: Innovation in fill, Large underground mines, Research, Mineral education
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