Paste Backfill Bulkhead Monitoring – A Case Study From Inmet’s Cayeli Mine, Turkey

9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill
Mehmet Yumlu,
Abstract The stability of pastefill bulkheads forms an integral part of a successful pastefill system. Bulkheads are constructed at the draw points of open stopes to contain pastefill while the initial pour cures and forms a consolidated plug. Mobilization of uncured pastefill as a result of a bulkhead failure can lead to significant consequences, including endangering the safety of personnel, property damage and production losses and delays. The loading conditions in the pastefill and the resultant lateral loads on the bulkheads are complex and are dependent on many factors. This paper presents a case study of several pastefill bulkhead failures, the results of an in-situ pressure monitoring program to ascertain the pressure loads, and the subsequent pastefill bulkhead evaluation.
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